Samsung and Neotel

Samsung has partnered with Neotel, South Africa’s new telecommunications operator and first converged communications network operator.

Neotel’s mission is to provide the latest technology and world-class service at an affordable price and meet company’s telecoms requirements, reduce the cost of doing business and extend global technological advances.

Neotel tailors solutions to ensure the best possible communications package with short lead times, personalised service, quick installation and business transparency. Neotel’s network is based on a combination of next generation technologies, such as fibre, WiMAX, satellite, under sea connectivity and wireless Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). CDMA provides joint capacity for voice and data capabilities, with many users able to occupy the same time and frequency allocations. This technology has allowed Neotel to offer a fully converged service offering to small offices, home offices and medium-sized businesses. Together, Neotel and Samsung Networking are able to supply customers with turnkey solutions that provide flexibility, high levels of customisation and minimal downtimes. The benefit being a measurable cost saving.



  • NeoFlex

    Neotel, in partnership with Samsung Networking, is on the verge of launching a brand new telecommunications offering. The new system is called NeoFlex Voice and it has been specifically developed to cater for the distinctive needs of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • NeoInternet

    The Ultimate Internet Solution

    The internet is a critical part of business operations in the modern era and the reality is that regardless of the size entity, slow or limited access to the internet will affect the profitability and long term sustainability of your business.

  • NeoVoice

    The Ultimate Voice Solution

    NeoVoice is ideally suited to meet your business voice needs by offering highly competitive rates, monthly savings and superior voice quality. Switching to NeoVoice is simple with Geographic Number Portability as you’ll be able to keep your existing number. This means you won’t have to lose out on any substantial investments you’ve made in terms of marketing material like business cards.

  • NeoVPN

    NeoVPN for a Robust, Cost-effective Network

    NeoVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from Neotel that enables you to enjoy the security and control you’d expect from your own private network, while saving you money and affording you reputable end-to-end service guarantees.
    Find out more about this cost-effective network solution now by contacting us on 0860 Neotel(636 835).

  • NeoLink

    NeoLink – For High-speed Voice and Data Transfers

    NeoLink enables safe and secure point-to-point or multi-point high-speed data transfers and voice applications via dedicated bandwidth. Find out more about this solution by contacting us on 0860 Neotel(636 835).


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